Physical Therapy Rates

Initial evaluation – 1 hour comprehensive evaluation with treatment and home exercise program included (for new patients only) $165

Treatment sessions – 1hour sessions (for existing patients only) $130 each session

How is insurance and payment handled?

Transparency in rates is important. Flow Physical Therapy and Pilates is an out-of-network provider with all insurance providers. A flat rate fee is paid at the time of service instead of billing being sent to an insurance company. Credit card, personal check, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards are acceptable forms of payment. I am happy to provide an invoice of fees paid, called a superbill, if a patient would like to submit to insurance themselves for reimbursement. It is the responsibility of the patient to check what their insurance out-of-network benefits entail.

Flow Physical Therapy and Pilates is committed to providing high quality care that meets the needs of the individual patient. Removal of the insurance company in the payment structure allows for longer length of individual treatment sessions with a physical therapist (no assistants, aides, or overlapping). This focused care allows healing to occur more efficiently and is not dictated by the restraints of insurance companies.

Due to Medicaid requirements, this clinic is unable to see patients with Medicaid at this time. Patients with Medicare are welcome but should be aware that they will be unable to submit a reimbursement claim to Medicare or to secondary insurances due to restrictions by those entities. Flow Physical Therapy and Pilates is not contracted with Medicare or any other insurance providers for services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic directly to further discuss any questions about payment.

Pilates Rates

Session TypeIndividual4 Session
10 Session
20 Session
Private Pilates$95$285*$800$1500
Semi-Private Pilates$60/personN/A$500/person$900/person
* 4 session package is only for new clients. It can only be purchased once. No other offers may be combined with this package.

Group Mat Pilates Class Rates

$100/person – a 6 session series of group mat Pilates; a series promotes commitment to attendance and fosters an environment for progress

Private Pilates – a one-on-one hour session with Tanya; mat, reformer, arc, and prop work

*New Client Pilates Introduction 4 pack – (4) one hour private Pilates sessions with Tanya. The first session screens for posture, general strength & flexibility, and discusses any injuries or health history that may influence your Pilates experience. It also includes the basics of Pilates and a Pilates workout.

Semi-Private Pilates – an hour session for 2-3 people with Tanya; mat, reformer, arc, and prop work

Group Mat Pilates – an hour class for 3-8 people; mat work, standing exercises, and props only (need a minimum of 3 people attending)

A $25 fee will incur for all returned checks to cover the bank fees.

Cancellation policy

All physical therapy appointments and Pilates sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours notice to avoid incurring a late cancellation fee.  This is to provide consistent treatment for patients wanting to improve and allow for the possibility of re-booking the open time slot.  The late cancellation fee covers the operating costs of the facility and provider.  Late cancellation for all physical therapy and Pilates private and semi-private sessions will be $50.  The late cancellation fee for a group Pilates mat session will be $20.  If the physical therapy or private Pilates session is re-booked by another individual prior to the time slot, a cancellation fee will not incur.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of the business being fee for services rendered, refunds are not available. Refunds are also not available for packages of Pilates sessions. Any unused sessions available in a Pilates package may be used at a later date or gifted/transferred to an individual of your choice.

Inclement Weather

Due to our location in the mountain region and limited resources of snow and ice removal equipment, treatment sessions and Pilates sessions will occasionally need to be cancelled.  Private and duet patients and clients will be contacted directly should this occur.  Updates to the Facebook page will announce for groups.  You may also contact the business directly.  Please do not assume sessions are cancelled unless contacted or noted on Facebook.