Specialty Group Classes in Asheville

Group Pilates space
The very open space where group classes are held.

Some people prefer the company of others. Other people like the accountability of exercising in a group. And some people like a more economical means to Pilates. Whatever the reasoning, you may enjoy a group Pilates session. Pilates group classes are smaller and more intimate sizes than most group fitness, typically with a maximum of 8-10 people per Pilates class. With this large room, you never have to feel squished on top of another person.

At Flow PT and Pilates, the group classes encompass a specific purpose for each group. There are currently 2 groups available. Each group runs as a 6 session series. Every series varies so it’s never the same old workout.

Small Group Pilates Classes

Postpartum Pilates – Fridays 11am to noon; 6 class series – next series starts March 1

This is a come as you are postpartum fitness class designed for moms. You can bring your little one along as part of the class or come solo. It is the only Pilates group class in the Asheville area that includes the baby in the class! Reconnect with your body and find fitness again or start a new path to a healthier body.

Mommy and Me is more than just fitness; classes touch on injury prevention tips, posture and ways to position the body with breastfeeding and daily baby care activities. It is a place to find a small community of moms. Appropriate for babies from 6 weeks old to active crawling and moms of any fitness experience (seriously, no prior Pilates experience is necessary). Everyone gets a workout!

60+ Pilates – Tuesdays 11am to noon; 6 class series – next series starts March 12

Adults lose an average of 30% muscle power by age 70 and 1-3 inches of height by age 80. You can do something about it!

This mat class promotes strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and posture. All exercises are safe for osteopenia and osteoporosis while still providing a challenging workout. As with all classes at Flow, any fitness ability is welcome. Modifications are made for each individual to accommodate for any injuries or precautions.

Challenge your body. Prevent injury.