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Opt for a health resolution in 2022! Learn about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and how to pick and execute a health resolution.

Your workspace, or office, setup is important. Learn how to correctly fit your office to your body to decrease pain and avoid injury.

Raise your hand if you are reading this and know that your posture is amazing! Raise your hand if you know the best exercises to promote good posture! Did you raise your hand? No? Generally speaking, most of us don’t have great posture. You might ask, why is that? One reason is that we are […]

What is Pilates? Learn about the Pilates origin, its exercises, its benefits, and how to find a good instructor.

Hello Asheville (and surrounding areas)! I know the responsible thing to do would be to start my professional blog talking about physical therapy or Pilates. But, I’d rather introduce myself first. I feel this is important since I am the business. Flow Physical Therapy and Pilates is just me! Let’s Get Personal I grew up […]